About This Blog

So you've stumbled across this blog during your online travels, and wondering what It's all about and how It will benefit your needs, and rightly so. On the grounds that you're a social engineer who targets online stores to the likes of Amazon, SteelSeries, John Lewis and so forth for refunds and replacement Items, then you'll know exactly what's required to manipulate their representatives to ultimately finalize the claim In your favor. That's precisely what this blog predominantly focuses on, by using an array of methods such as the DNA, missing Item, wrong Item received, boxing, partial and the list goes on. 

Every article Is taken from my other SEing blog, namely: https://www.socialengineers.net but rather than having each guide documented In Its respective post on this blog, I've contributed each one as PDF files, which essentially means that you have the convenience of downloading my guides and reading them In an offline state anytime thereafter. You can simply open PDF files In your browser- Microsoft Edge Is one of many that support Its format. Everything that you have the pleasure of reading, Is solely my own work backed by over 30 years In the social engineering sector, and without any plagiarism whatsoever. 

If you happen to find a duplicate article somewhere on the net, checkout the date of publishing- It would be after mine, hence copied & pasted. For your convenience, I've provided a minimum of 8 direct download links, thus It caters for almost all computational users. Given I have documented every post, copying my articles as though It's your own, Is strictly prohibited. You may reference my work only If you credit Its source, being: https://www.seing.org or the above-mentioned link.

That's about It, enjoy 🙂