Choosing A Suitable Chat


Choosing The Correct Gateway Of Communication

Before I make a start on this tutorial, I'd like to point out that It solely relates to social engineering online stores to the likes of ASOS, SteelSeries, Amazon and so forth, by manipulating their reps/agents to Issue refunds and/or replacement Items. Of course, you can also use this article as a general guide when SEing anyone on a personal level for their username & password to compromise a given account, or perhaps their full name & date of birth to build their Identity from the ground up. 

In terms of the former which Is known as "company manipulation and exploitation", a lot of social engineers predominantly focus on researching their target, as well as the methods used  to prepare their SE and how to constructively execute their attack vector to help ensure a successful result. Without question, all this plays an Integral role with every SE, and when used and applied against the nature of the company In question, It leaves very little chance of failure.

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