SE'ing Articles Of Clothing

How To Social Engineer Articles Of Clothing

The fact Is, every social engineer differs to some degree with the type of products they're looking to SE. Those SE'ers who're tech-heads will (for example) opt for computer monitors, digital cameras, headphones, Apple AirPods, gaming laptops and If they wish to build a desktop PC from scratch, they'll grab the latest GPU, SSD, CPU, PSU and the list goes on. 

And believe It or not, there are many female SE'ers who are Into beauty products, GHD hair straighteners, bracelets & earrings and basically anything that will bring out the best In their appearance - all done without paying a single dime. What I'm referring to of course, Is hitting online stores to deceive their reps/agents to credit your account for the full cost of the purchased product, or have a replacement Item dispatched at their expense while you still get to keep the original.

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