Any Company Can Be SE'd


Any Company Can Be Exploited And Social Engineered

There's no doubt that every social engineering attack vector Is different from one another and even If you've selected the same Item, used a matching method and executed It without variation, It will not be a carbon copy of another SE that you've already used or one that you're planning to use at some point In the future. For Instance, provided you have the awareness, skill set and know-how to the point of SEing on an advanced level, you basically have control of every action you take on your end, however the same cannot be said with the way reps/agents decide to handle and process your claim

Things like Investigations opened, police reports requested to be filed and returned and the need to verify your purchase by providing a POP, are all Inevitable and way beyond the scope of your ability to prevent such matters from taking place. That's what differentiates one SE from the other, and "not the methodologies that you've personally applied"

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