Legitimately Rescue An SE


How To Legitimately Rescue An SE

If you're the type of social engineer who operates on an advanced level, and have been hitting companies like Wayfair, Zalando, Amazon, John Lewis etc by deceiving their representatives to credit your account for a refund, or dispatch a replacement Item while you still get to keep the original, you'd be well aware of what It takes to manipulate your target and get the job done with minimal disruptions. The same applies If you're a refunder, whereby you're SEing online retailers for Inexperienced SE'ers and charge a certain percentage when the SE succeeds - every angle must be covered to ensure the outcome works In your favor.

In order to do all that, It's of paramount Importance to "research" the company's terms, conditions and policies, as well as be well-acquainted with the "carriers" they utilize to service their deliveries and when the Information gathering session Is finished, "Item & method formulation" (selecting a method suited to the nature of the Item) Is Implemented In readiness for the attack vector. 

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