Anonymous Social Engineering


How To Effectively Anonymize Your SEing Activities

Everything you do In life has an element of risk. Be It travelling to work on the highway at maximum speed, thereby Increasing the chance of an accident due to losing control of your car, or simply crossing the road on a busy street and neglecting to look at both directions to see oncoming traffic heading straight for you, there will always be some degree of danger or threat - no matter how minimal It may be at the time. 

When you're the one who's In charge of your very own actions, It's pretty simple to take precautionary measures by analyzing the risk factors and making conscious decisions that will reduce your exposure to potential threats, however the same cannot be said for social engineering as a whole

Sure, you're well aware of what you're doing on your end when formulating your method against the nature of both the company & Item you'll be SEing, but the moment your attack vector Is executed, It's a totally different story - you never know for sure what happens on the other end of the spectrum - namely when representatives are assessing your claim.

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