Your SE'ing Toolkit


Your Must-Have Social Engineering Toolkit.

If you're a handyman or perhaps work In the building and construction Industry, whereby you're renovating homes by knocking down old bathrooms and kitchens and replacing them with modern designs suited to your customer's needs, you must be well prepared by having "the right tools" at your disposal. Without a hammer, drill, circular saw, air compressor, nail gun, grinder and so forth, It's not possible to make a start on the job In question, let alone move forward and tackle each task towards completion. 

The very same principle applies to social engineering In every capacity. Be It gaining unauthorized access to a Fortune 500 company by pretending to be an employee and kindly asking another worker to punch In the building entry code for you, or SEing someone over the phone for their credit card details as though you're an agent from their electric company who's updating their account Information- It's Imperative to "have a toolkit" readily available that you can refer to and utilize as needed.

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