Proof Of Purchase


Why A Proof Of Purchase Is Requested And How To Bypass It.

There's no doubt that social engineering companies for refunds and replacement Items, can be an arduous task at the best of times, particularly when "representatives work strictly by the book when assessing and processing claims". As an SE'er yourself, you never know for sure If that will happen with your SE at the time, thus to help ensure It moves In a positive direction with minimal disruptions, the following steps should be taken. 

It's crucial to take the time to perform your research by (but not limited to) checking the company's terms and conditions, and then selecting a method based on your (researched) findings, as well as applying It to the Item you're planning to SE. That's basically how It works when hitting online stores to the likes of Amazon and Zalando, and of course many others. 

You need to know what you're dealing with, so the two key elements to prepare your attack vector are "research" and "Item and method formulation" and only when you've finalized their preparation by covering every angle and leaving no room for error, will your SE be ready to execute.

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