Missing Item Tampered Method


The Box/Package Was Tampered With & The Item Was Missing 

With regard to social engineering online stores that utilize a carrier partner to service their deliveries, the objective Is to deceive their representatives to credit accounts or dispatch replacement Items at their expense, thereby the SE'er gets to keep the original product. In order to successfully do that, there must be a "plan" In place that fully supports the attack vector, and guides It In the right direction throughout the entire duration of the SE and In social engineering parlance, the "plan" Is called a "method". It's basically a set of Instructions that tells the SE where It should be travelling, and how It will achieve the result you're after - a refund or replacement.

If you're new to the SEing sector, namely "company manipulation and exploitation", I'd say It's safe to assume that you have very little knowledge of what methods entail, so I'll explain It by using a scenario that you can relate to. Let's say you've purchased a large computer desk In Its collapsed form that contains draws, shelving, cabinets etc. To put It together, you'll need the "assembly Instructions" which will guide you every step of the way towards achieving your goal, but If the Instructions happen to be missing, you will either fail to complete the task, or have a very difficult (and lengthy) time trying to finish off your project. The same principle applies to social engineering.

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