Identify How A Company Works


Identify How A Company Operates And Manages Claims.

Regardless If you're social engineering your local computer shop (that only has a handful of employees) by physically attending the customer service counter and tricking one worker with the sealed box method for a replacement Item, or SEing the largest eCommerce company being Amazon to credit your account with a refund for an Item you don't have to begin with, believe It or not, both are equally difficult to SE

"How so", you ask? Well, If you've never SEd either of the two and have no knowledge of how they operate from an Internal standpoint, how do you know that the method you're looking to use with the Item you're planning to social engineer, will In fact have a good chance of success?  I'll answer It for you: "You don't" for the following reason. You cannot perform what I call a "blind SE", whereby you have absolutely no Idea what you're up against- your SE will fail before It has the opportunity to begin. 

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