What Triggers An Investigation


Every Method That Triggers A Company Investigation.

Social engineering Is a broad term, that can be used In many different ways to achieve just about anything that comes to mind. For Instance, you can easily SE your victim for their personal credentials, by pretending to be an agent from their credit card provider who's (seemingly) noticed a suspicious transaction on the account. In order to verify the payment and reverse the charge, you'd ask your victim to read out their full name, address, date of birth and phone number and to not raise suspicion, you then reassure him/her that the funds will be reimbursed within the hour and end the conversation on a good note thereafter

Due to the nature of your attack vector Involving (what appears to be) financial fraud on your target's account, they'd have very little to no hesitation In providing exactly what you've asked for. With the Information given to you, their Identity can be built from the ground up, and I don't need to elaborate what happens next! That was one of thousands of ways to manipulate the person on the other end Into performing an action that they weren't supposed to do, and whilst It required a good set of skills to get the job done, the "methodology" was pretty straightforward.

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