What Confirms A Delivery


What Confirms A Package As Conclusively Delivered.

When hitting online stores to the likes of ASOS, Logitech, Argos, Zalando, John Lewis and of course the largest eCommerce company named Amazon, the one thing they all have In common from a social engineering standpoint, Is sending & receiving packages via the carrier who's servicing the delivery at the time of your SE

The objective Is to trick their representatives to credit your account for the cost of the (purchased) Item, or to dispatch a replacement Item at no extra cost. In order to do that, the first port of call Is to formulate your method based on your researched findings and (where applicable), apply It against the nature of the Item you're Intending to SE. This Is a stepping stone to flawlessly execute your attack vector, and also helps keep It on a consistent level all the way until It's finalized In your favor- a refund or replacement.

There are many traditional methods used In "the art of company manipulation and exploitation", such as the wrong Item received, missing Item/partial, sealed box, boxing  and the list goes on. Although SE'ers of all shapes and sizes are quite familiar with their usage and application, there's one particular method named the "DNA" which Is an abbreviation of "Did Not Arrive", that confuses many social engineers- namely "what deems a package as delivered" to their residential home or otherwise.

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