The Best Time To SE


The Best Time To Social Engineer Your Target.

Regardless of how similar each social engineering attack vector may seem, no two are the same, hence each and every one will differ to some degree  and as such, there's a lot to take Into consideration when deciding who you plan to SE and how you're going to achieve your objective. Things like researching your target  to Identify how they operate and the nature of their vulnerabilities, as well as selecting the most suitable method to effectively support your attack and ensure It runs as smooth as possible from start to finish, all play an Integral role to get the job done with minimal disruptions. 

It makes no difference whether you're SEing someone on a personal level In the next building of your office to grab their credit card 4 digit PIN number, or the biggest eCommerce company being Amazon to send a replacement Item that you don't even have to begin with - you will NOT succeed without knowing exactly what you're up against. Put simply, It's Imperative to perform your "research", "formulate your method" based on your findings, and then "execute your attack" In a very calculated and methodical fashion.

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