SE'ing Checklist


Social Engineering Checklist For Every SE Performed. 

Every time you're planning to social engineer a company, be It a small business that only has a handful of employees who're processing a few orders here and there, or perhaps online stores on a very large scale to the likes of (obviously) Amazon, Argos and Logitech, you need to know precisely what you're dealing with prior to even thinking about executing the attack vector. It's not possible to perform what I call a "blind SE", whereby you have very little to no Idea of how the company operates and then expect things to run smoothly - It's very likely that your SE will prematurely come to an end. 

Of course, that's on the grounds that you've never SEd the company In question, as well as representatives who work strictly by the book by following protocol when assessing claims. All the above, Is just one example of why SEs fail more often than not - there's a lot more to consider when not only putting together your SE In readiness for the attack, but also making sure It flows In a positive direction until It's finalized In your favor - a refund Issued Into your account, or a replacement Item dispatched at no extra cost. 

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