Advanced Replacement


The Company Dispatches A Replacement Item In Advance.

When hitting online retailers to the likes of Zalando, Nike and of course the largest eCommerce company being Amazon, they're all exploitable by tricking their representatives to perform an action that they're not supposed to do- In this case, send out a replacement Item at no extra charge or credit your account for the full cost of the purchased Item. That's precisely what social engineering Is all about- "getting the person on the other end of the conversation/gateway to do something that he/she Is not meant to do"

Be It using the "DNA" (Did Not Arrive) method by saying that you didn't receive the package that was delivered by the carrier driver, or claiming that upon opening the box, a different Item was enclosed hence "the wrong Item received method" was put Into action- the fact Is you're manipulating the rep/agent to believe your side of the story, regardless of your objective. In other words, It doesn't matter what the end result Is. Whether you're simply after a replacement or you'd prefer your account be credited, It's "the methodology used to achieve your goal" that truly defines social engineering. 

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