Protect Your Payment System


Preventing The Company From Withdrawing Funds.

There's a lot going on In the complex and profound mind of the social engineer. Things like extensively researching their target to get as much Information as possible about how they operate, as well as selecting a method that's well-suited to the Item they're planning to SE and then carefully preparing It In readiness for the attack, all play an Integral role to ensure the SE heads In the right direction and remains that way until the claim Is finalized In their favor. This may sound like It's quite simple, but nothing could be further from the truth. "Research", "method formulation" and "flawlessly executing the attack vector", must work hand In hand to get the job done and If one neglects to support the other, the entire SE will prematurely come to an end. 

As an SE'er yourself who's actively Involved In a major SEing community (or two), you'd know that all the above does not relate to "old school social engineering", whereby you grab your victim's full name, date of birth & address over the phone, by pretending to be a customer service rep of their electric company who needs their credentials to verify and perform a routine security update on their account. That type of SEing Is all too easy and "from an advanced perspective", It does not require a great deal of thought and effort to achieve the task at hand.

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