Company Messages Defined


Common Messages Issued By Companies During Claims.

Whether you've just started social engineering only a couple of months ago, or have been In the scene for many years to date on an Intermediate or advanced level, you'd be well aware that there's an array of tools required to complete the task at hand. Moreover and on the grounds that you're not familiar with your target, It's essential to perform your Information gathering by "researching precisely how they operate- both from an Internal and external perspective". And then there's the process of "method formulation"  that's based on the details of your (researched) findings, as well as the nature of the Item you're planning to SE. All this and more, Is needed to support your attack vector and help ensure It runs as smooth as possible from start to finish.

It's all well and good when you have the power and resources to effectively handle your SE "based on your terms", but the fact Is, "you have very little to no control of what happens within the confines of the company", namely the way reps assess your claim. Sure, you can apply all types of manipulation with their ridiculous demands to help the outcome work In your favor, however, "they ultimately decide the steps that're required to finalize your claim"- which Is mostly done by complying with their protocol. 

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