Advanced Researching


The comprehensive Handbook of SEing Researching.

Each and every social engineering attack, differs to some degree and also has Its fair share of complexities when hitting one company to the next for refunds and replacement Items. Be It SEing your local computer store that has only a handful of employees using the "missing Item method", by saying the Ram (memory) you ordered was not enclosed In the package when you opened It, or dealing with the largest eCommerce company named Amazon by executing the very same method, no two SEs are a carbon copy of each other- there will be some sort of variation In the way your claim Is handled and processed

Even If you've performed a couple of SEs on two online retailers who are very similar In nature, and you've strategically formulated the same method and approach, both will evaluate and finalize your claim differently- Inclusive of making your life difficult with Investigations opened, police reports to be filed and returned, or perhaps asking to sign an affidavit or statutory declaration.

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