How To Bypass An OTP


How To Bypass One-Time Password Verification.

If you're a dedicated reader of this blog, you'd realize that It predominantly relates to one type of SEing, namely "company manipulation and exploitation". This Is due to the fact that Its popularity has well and truly surpassed the boring old-school social engineering  consisting of (but not limited to) "pretexting", "tailgating", "spear phishing", "quid pro quo", "phishing" and the rest of the names that someone happened to somehow manifest with their fanciful Imagination. You see, each of the (quoted) names above, are simply a gateway to access the target and Irrespective of their meaning, they all pertain to one thing- "manipulating the victim to perform an action that they're not supposed to do". That's the true definition of social engineering, no matter what the SE'er Is aiming to achieve.

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