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Effectively Edit Image Metadata Without Raising Suspicion.

Every time you're In need of a product or a service, be It buying a new desktop computer with the very latest GPU to play your favorite games, or grabbing a pair of Nike Air Max trainers to wear at your aerobics session every Thursday & Friday night, one of the first things that comes to mind Is getting on the Internet and "researching online stores by collecting all the details you need prior to purchasing the goods you're after". Unless you have thousands of dollars lying around as petty cash and simply buy the first Item that you come across regardless of cost, you will perform what I call "Information gathering sessions" to establish whether a particular commodity suits your needs and budget. 

The very same principle applies to "social engineering companies to the likes of Amazon, Logitech, Zalando" and so forth, with the Intention to deceive their representatives to credit your account or dispatch a replacement Item while you still get to keep the original one. I've appropriately titled this type of SEing (yes, "It was myself who branded Its name!" ) as "company manipulation and exploitation", for the reason that SEers first need to manipulate the company's reps and then exploit their vulnerabilities to ultimately achieve a favorable outcome. And If It's the first time they're social engineering a given online retailer, It must be done by familiarizing precisely how the company operates, assesses and processes claims.

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