Wrong Item Received Events


What To Expect With The Wrong Item Received Method.

Irrespective of who you're social engineering at the time, be It physically attending a store at your local mall with the Intention to manipulate the employee to give you an In-store credit by using a fake receipt as proof of purchase, or perhaps wanting to obtain a refund from Amazon by returning a sealed box that seemingly contains the original Item, they all require a strategic and calculated approach to get the job done right. 

In other words, you must have a "plan" In place to Indicate how you're going to execute your attack vector, Inclusive of how to deal with and bypass obstacles, right through to achieving your objective- the SE working In your favor. In social engineering parlance, the "plan" Is known as a "method" which plays an Integral role In determining where the SE Is heading and of equal Importance, decides the outcome- whether It succeeds or fails.

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