Common Methods Explained


The Most Common Methods Used In Social Engineering.

It doesn't matter who you're looking to social engineer and what your objective Is, In order to successfully complete the task at hand, there's one thing that each and every SE must have- and that Is the type of "method" used to achieve the result. In other words, you need to "plan" precisely how you're going to SE your target, Inclusive of the steps required to get what you're after. 

Whether It's SEing ASOS or Amazon for a refund or replacement Item, or physically attending a building and manipulating the receptionist to Insert your malicious USB stick Into her PC, the job cannot be done without "preparing your plan" beforehand. And the "plan" Is the "method" that's based on the nature of your attack vector. An analogy Is like trying to cook an exquisite meal for the very first time, without knowing the Ingredients and their quantities. Unless you can prepare the meal with a well-planned method, your attempt to cook It Is futile.

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