Asking For Help With Methods


How To Request Assistance With Your SEing Methods.

Every social engineer differs to some degree, In how they absorb Information when researching and collecting data about the target they're planning to SE, as well as the way they formulate their method and execute their attack vector thereafter. Included In this, Is their capacity to handle and effectively manipulate the representative Into Issuing a refund or dispatching a replacement Item- some do It with Incredible ease, whilst others find It somewhat difficult to apply themselves. 

Irrespective of all that, there's one thing that each and every dedicated SE'er shares equally, and that Is to do whatever It takes to get the result they're after. Be It using the DNA method by keep Insisting that "the package wasn't personally received" or "perfectly calculating the amount of time It takes for dry Ice to sublimate" for the boxing method, they won't let anything or anyone stand In the way of achieving their goal.

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