The Boxing Method


Sending The Box Without The Item For A Refund/Replacement.

In today's complex world of social engineering online stores by fooling their reps/agents to credit accounts when they're not supposed to, or get them to dispatch replacement Items free of charge, there's a lot Involved even before the attack vector takes place. Things like "researching their terms"  to Identify vulnerabilities and establish how they operate with their refunds, warranty and replacement policies, as well as "finding a method that's well-suited to the Item that will be SEd", all play an Integral role to ensure the SE remains on target and heads In the right direction towards a successful outcome. 

Believe It or not, all that must be done prior to executing the attack and before getting In contact with the representative who will be handling the claim at the time. If you haven't worked It out already, I'm referring to SEing companies on a very large scale to the likes of Zalando, Amazon, John Lewis, Currys PC World and the list goes on- all of which are susceptible to exploitation, but only If you have the aforementioned elements ("research & method preparation") applied to perfection according to the environment of the company In question, and the Item you're going to social engineer.

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