Carrier Taking Photos


How To Circumvent Photos Taken By The Carrier Driver.

Before I make a start on this article, I'd like to point out that this type of social engineering Is not what you're probably accustomed to doing, such as Infecting computers and networks with the Intention to grab confidential Information, or manipulating your victim over the phone to read out the username & password to their online account. When you hit a Google search to lookup the term "social engineering", the majority of sources define It similar to what I've just mentioned above  and whilst It's certainly true and correct, by no means Is It limited to that alone. 

There's a new breed of human hacking that's discussed In almost every SEing Internet forum and Instant messaging platforms, which Is commonly known as "company manipulation and exploitation", whereby representatives are tricked by SE'ers Into Issuing refunds and replacement Items- all without having knowledge that they've been deceived. For the most part, It relates to any online store who offer a carrier service to deliver goods to their customers. The companies that I'm predominantly referring to operate on quite a large scale, such as Logitech, SteelSeries, ASOS, John Lewis and of course the largest eCommerce company being Amazon.

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