Preparing Your Method


How To Effectively Prepare Your Method Prior To The Attack.

Everything we do In life, has some type of strategic approach to get what we're after or achieve the goal that we're working with at the time, and without generating any thought as to how the task at hand will be accomplished, It's literally Impossible for It to head In the right direction. For Instance, If you've been Invited to a birthday party at a location that you've never attended nor heard of before, and don't bother "planning" how you're going to get there, how do you exactly know where you'll be heading? I'll answer this for you- you don't and never will, unless of course, you "prepare your plan" by familiarizing yourself the directions beforehand. 

The "plan" Is the "method", that will allow you to execute the next course of action- In this case, to jump In your car and drive to the party with minimal hassle and disruption. I've provided this analogy, to give you an understanding about the Importance of Implementing methods before even thinking about your objective. Evidently, the very same principle applies when social engineering each and every entity and Irrespective of Its nature, size and complexity (If any), It's vital to have a calculated and very well formulated method In place prior to moving onto your attack vector. 

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