Ethical Social Engineering


How To Social Engineer In An Ethical Capacity.

When you hit a Google search to define the term social engineering, It's mostly referenced as Infecting computer systems with malware to compromise confidential Information, and/or manipulating people to grab their personal details, credit card Info and other types of data that can be used to build Identities from the ground up or perhaps transfer funds Into the SE'ers account. Unlike hacking via technical gateways, whereby the good guys are known as "whitehat hackers"  whose job Is to test and Identify vulnerabilities In organizations and networks and fix them before the bad guys get In, seldom Is social engineering used In the same manner

Sure, there are many organizations who've Implemented social engineering training as part of their security management to educate their employees of the dangers of human manipulation, thereby help Identify and stop attacks before they have the chance to begin, but SEing Is predominantly used to take advantage of entities In an Immoral fashion. Unless of course, you social engineer "ethically".

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