Your Computer Has A Virus


Attempting To Remotely Access Your Computer.

As far as I can recall, one of the oldest tricks In the book to social engineer the end user Into executing tasks on his/her PC, Is the good old phone call saying "Your computer has a virus". Whilst there are many reasons behind this, a well-known objective Is to lure the user Into navigating to a website and clicking on a malicious link provided by the attacker. 

Depending on the nature of the deceptive site, the attacker can either gain remote access to the user's PC and have full control thereafter, or trick the user to log Into their online banking and transfer funds Into the attacker's account. Once access Is gained to the PC, the SE'er will look for all types of personal Information- photos, user logins, names, addresses, phone numbers, all of which can significantly help the attacker to build an Identity from the ground up.

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