What To Expect With The DNA


What To Expect When Using The DNA Method.

On the grounds that you've been social engineering online stores to the likes of Logitech and Amazon, you'd be well aware that they all use a carrier service to dispatch and deliver goods to their customers and as such, there are quite a number of methods to choose from when SEing a given Item. This of course, relates to "company manipulation and exploitation", whereby representatives are manipulated Into Issuing refunds and replacements as a result of a calculated and strategic approach by the SE'er. 

In order to successfully execute the attack vector, right through to ensuring the result works In the SE'ers favor, It must have a "method" In place that's perfectly suited to nature of the Item and the environment of the SE Itself- particularly the company's terms and conditions. For Instance, you wouldn't use the "box method" If the company/carrier Is not responsible for loss of goods during transit, nor the "missing Item method" on something that weighs around 2 Kg.

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