The Missing Item Method


Claim That The Item Was Missing When Delivered.

If you've been reading this blog on a regular basis, you'd be well and truly Informed about the different types of methods used when social engineering online stores  such as Currys, ASOS, SteelSeries, John Lewis, Zalando and so forth. This of course, relates to obtaining refunds or replacements for Items that you've either already purchased, or only have a serial number (that you grabbed from a seller online) that's still under warranty, thereby you'd SE the representative accordingly. 

Not all readers have had the pleasure of checking out my articles and moreover, there are many SE'ers who're looking to start their career In the art of exploiting the human firewall so before I begin with the objective of this tutorial, I'd like to explain what a "method" Is, and the purpose It serves with every social engineering attack vector.

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