Partial Manufacturer Method


Parts Of The Item Were Missing In The Box.

If you've been reading my tutorials on this blog, you'd be well-Informed of the array of methods that are used to social engineer companies that operate by delivering goods to their customers via their carrier service. Of course, what I'm referring to Is exploiting online stores to the likes of ASOS, Logitech and stating the obvious, good old Amazon by manipulating their representatives to Issue refunds or replacement Items

In order to get the job done, the method used In the attack vector must (for the most part) not only suit the nature of the Item that's being SEd at the time, but It must also be formulated with perfection, thereby leaving very little to no room for error. As such, It will ensure that the SE runs as smooth as possible right from the get-go, through to finalizing the claim In the SE'ers favor- a successful outcome.

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