Learn From Your Mistakes


How To Learn From Your Social Engineering Mistakes.

When you look at the big picture of social engineering, be It gaining unauthorized access to a Fortune 500 company to grab confidential documents or hitting a major online store with the Intention to refund a 75 Inch UHD Smart LED TV costing over 2,000$, for the most part, you'd focus on the glorification of reaping the rewards. After all, why pay for the top-of-the-range TV and the same with the latest IPhone, when you can manipulate the representative to credit your account for the full cost of the purchase price? If you haven't worked It out already, what I'm referring to Is the "new breed of human hacking", which Is known as "company manipulation and exploitation", whereby SE'ers use very calculated and strategic methodologies to obtain refunds and replacement Items from just about any company they decide to target. 

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