Free Public Transport


Free Pubic Transport By SEing The Ticket Inspectors.

This does not apply to every transport system around the globe, hence I'll provide a general example of how social engineers "travel on public transport free of charge", by way of SEing the ticket Inspectors. You can manipulate this method, against the public transport system In your location. This Is In fact based on a "real system" that I've been personally abusing for over 5 years. 

I will use a bus as the transportation and the ticketing system that's In place, requires a "swipe" to validate the ticket, thereby money Is ONLY deducted at the time of the swipe as each passenger boards the bus. This Is where the vulnerability exists- the "Inspectors arrive on the bus randomly", thus are not present at all times. As such, there's no need to validate (swipe) the ticket when the Inspectors are not around! Here's how the SE works.

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