Don't Overthink The SE


Do Not Overthink The Progress Of Your SE.

There's a lot going on In the profound mind of the social engineer, and unless you're reading this as an SE'er yourself with years of experience In the art of exploiting the human firewall, It can be very difficult to fathom just how his mind operates. If he's committed to SEing on a daily basis, be It companies on a large scale to obtain refunds and/or replacements for Items or manipulating people to grab their personal Information, seldom Is there time for leisure activities, In fact, watching a favorite TV show or relaxing on the couch listening to music, rarely (If ever) Is part of the equation- there's simply no Interest whatsoever.

Advanced/dedicated SE'ers have a one-track mind, and that Is "to consistently SE a given entity without fail, or to help those who require assistance In every way possible" and If It means Isolating themselves from all forms of distraction, they will do that without any hesitation at all. This preserves their mindset, thereby allows them to generate their full attention to the task at hand. However, Irrespective of a social engineer's level of expertise, they can lose their perspective at the best of times- namely "overthinking the progress of the SE" by trying to predict events before they have a chance to happen

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