Wrong Item Received Method

Claim That An Incorrect Item Was Sent.

Let's face It, we don't live In a perfect world and to be honest, we never will. Be It at work manually processing Invoices for clients or working on a computer project at home, human error Is Inevitable, regardless how focused you are at the time. The same applies to companies on every scale, particularly those who dispatch goods that're based on orders they've received from their customers. How many times have you purchased something from a retailer, such as (for example) Best Buy and had It delivered, only to find that It wasn't what you ordered?  I'd say you've experienced this at least once, and will most likely encounter a similar occurrence at some point when shopping on the net.

Social engineers are well aware of all this, and use It to their advantage when SEing companies for an Item they've already ordered and received. As such, they use a well-known method In the social engineering sector named the "wrong Item received", which (as Its name Implies), Is used to claim a refund or replacement due to the company (seemingly) sending a wrong Item to the one that was originally placed by the SE'er. The good thing about this, Is that It's considered a "universal method" that can be used with just about any online store.

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