Workplace Prevention Signs

Place Social Engineering Prevention Signs Everywhere.

The fact Is, no matter how well your staff have been trained to prevent social engineering attacks, It's human nature to either be forgetful, or not absorb the Information In Its entirety. You may have Implemented scheduled training sessions, along with the best social engineering teacher who delivers the Information In a very clear, accurate and comprehensive manner, but It serves little purpose "If your staff simply forget what they've been told".

Moreover, It's very easy for your employees to neglect the Importance of keeping a close eye on social engineering attacks each and every minute of the day, especially If they're  Inundated with meetings, deadlines and so forth. During my penetration testing on various organizations, I've experienced some workers who've completely forgotten to keep their defense active- even after being retrained as recent as a few days ago. As such, a constant reminder, Is to place "Social Engineering Prevention Signs" In your building, so let's check this out now.

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