Using A Middleman Service


Trusted Middleman Service When Buying & Selling.

Given the nature of what social engineers do, such as SEing companies for a replacement of certain Items, sometimes they decide that they'd rather "sell" than keep It for themselves. A very popular selling gateway, Is Internet forums. The majority have a Marketplace section, where the seller & buyer can make the exchange between themselves. However, this can be a risky process where (for example) the buyer Is susceptible to being scammed. 

For Instance, If the buyer agrees to the cost of the Item and deposits the money Into the seller's account, why should he send the Item? He's received the cash, so he can simply disappear and never return. This Is a common social engineering tactic, whereby the SE'er registers on a forum for the sole purpose of scamming as many users as possible, and then moves onto another forum to repeat the process. So what can be done to minimize the risk of being scammed? Let's have a look now.

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