Using Different Methods


Change Your Methods Between SEs On The Same Account.

Irrespective of the size of the company, be It a huge organization like Amazon or a small online retailer, not only Is the method of the utmost Importance to suit the nature of the Item, but you must also Include a variation of methods to some degree. Inevitably, you will be SEing companies for a refund or replacement of Items on the "same account quite a few times". In fact, I've known users to SE up to 50 times "using the very same account without being flagged" nor any suspicion raised whatsoever.

So how do they do this and keep their account active? Well, apart from performing a few legit SEs along the way and also allowing a sufficient gap from one to another, a significant factor to keep the account alive, Is to "change/vary your methods as best as possible". That Is, try and use a different method with every SE. It's best to "not have two methods In a row of the same type" when hitting one SE after another. Here's a brief example of what I'm referring to.

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