Using Catfishing To SE

Using Catfishing To SE By Fabricating An Identity.

When you perform social engineering on your victim with the Intention to grab as many Identifiable and confidential details as possible, It's usually done through the most common gateways, such as over the phone, via email or directly during online chat. If you're starting from scratch, In order to maximize successful results, this requires quite a lot of research about your victim  which can be a somewhat difficult task when you have very little to no Information to begin with.

Wouldn't It be nice If your target's details were readily available, and you could use the Information to create a fictitious profile, thereby SE him thereafter? Well you can do this with ease, by using a method named "Catfishing". When formulated correctly, this Is a very effective form of social engineering, namely because of the simplicity of building a trusting relationship between you both. So what exactly Is "Catfishing?". Let's check It out now.

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