Unknown USB Sticks

Do Not Plug In Unknown USB/Removable Devices.

Before I begin, this article relates to "protecting your business from falling victim to being compromised by a malicious USB Stick". If you're computer savvy or have experience In the hacking sector for many years to date, then you'll certainly be well aware that one of the most easiest ways to grab personal details or Inject a virus Into a computer, Is by simply plugging In a malicious USB Stick.

This does not only apply to USB Sticks, but also any removable devices with USB connectivity. That said, "seldom do social engineers and hackers opt for external HDDs/SSDs"- namely due to their size, and you'll see exactly why a little further down this article. From a business standpoint, the problem Is, not too many companies and their employees, "are aware of the dangers of plugging In an unknown USB Stick". It can have a devastating Impact when used with malicious Intent, so let's have a look at what It can potentially do.

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