The Types Of SE'ers

The Different Types Of Social Engineers.

When you navigate on the net and lookup the definition of the term "social engineering", It's predominantly defined as "tricking someone Into giving up confidential Information", or some variant of similar meaning. Whilst this Is certainly true and correct, by no means does It entail this alone, but rather extends a lot further Into the art of human hacking. The way It should be written as part of every online resource Is: "Manipulating a person Into performing an action that they're not supposed to do". This Is my very own wording, that's simple, straight to the point and pretty much speaks for Itself.

Although It sounds like an easy task and sometimes Is (when there's very little to no complexity Involved), for the most part, social engineering requires a high degree of skills to begin the SE, persevere with It during Its execution and to finally make sure the objective at hand Is achieved without fail. Have you ever wondered why a given SE succeeds by one SE'er, and the very same one fails when performed by another social engineer- even though the same method and execution was used In both circumstances? That's because not every SE'er Is on the same level, Irrespective of how well they've been trained, and the number of years they've been actively SEing.

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