The Similar Item Method


Send A Similar Item Back Instead Of The Original.

When purchasing an Item online, or by physically attending the store at your local shopping mall, I'm sure you've experienced at some point that a "similar Item was packed" Instead of the original. It's a fact that manufacturers/suppliers do make errors when picking and packing orders prior to dispatch- particularly when two or more Items are very similar In appearance.

Sure, (where applicable) they're scanned and Identified by their respective serial numbers, but all It takes Is a momentary lapse of concentration, and the scanned Item Is not the one that was packed and shipped. Due to the Items being very similar In appearance, a lot of companies don't bother to fully check returns. Social engineers are well aware of this, and use what's called the "similar Item method" when SEing a company for a replacement or refund. Let's have a look at what this method Is all about.

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