The SE Is A Legit Claim

Take Every SE That You Perform As A Legit Claim.

During the course of every SE pertaining to companies when social engineering them for a refund or replacement of an Item, the SE'er will predominantly think of the possibility of Investigations opened, accounts closed (due to too many claims), police reports requested, the need to sign affidavits, carriers knocking at their door and the list goes on. This Is not necessarily a bad thing- as It prepares the social engineer for the "what Ifs", thus he can prepare and take action accordingly In an effective manner.

However, the reason for a lot of failed SEs, Is due to "the mindset of the social engineer". He's obviously well aware that It's performed on non-legit grounds and as such, every action he takes In response to his claim, "Is SOLELY done and viewed from a manipulating and social engineering standpoint". This puts a negative spin on things- namely when there's no element of legitimacy whatsoever Included Into the SE. For this reason alone, It's very good practice to take every SE as though It's legit, and use your skill set to manipulate the representative Into believing that It Is In fact REAL with every action performed.

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