The FTID Method

Return An Item By Manipulating The Package.

Before I begin with this method, I'd like to make one thing perfectly clear- It's flawed In many areas, and contains an array of Inconsistencies that ultimately result In a failed SE. So why am I documenting an article on a method that's not likely to succeed? The answer Is pretty simple. Many social engineers who are either new to the art of exploiting the human firewall, or have been In the scene for many years to date, actually believe that this does In fact work almost each and every time. Only after they've attempted to SE companies without success, have they realized that the FTID method Is not worth the time and effort  they put In.

To save you from disappointment, the objective of this guide Is to make you aware of how and why this method In not likely to work In your favor BEFORE you attempt to try It yourself  and waste your valuable time, resources and money on such a deficient piece of BS. Having said that, this article Is not entirely focused on the negativity side of things, thus I will provide you with one particular methodology (further down the page) that has the best chance of a successful outcome. So what exactly Is the "FTID method?". Let's check It out now.

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