The Discount Items Method

A Van Pulling Over Offering Discount Items.

Whether you're new to the social engineering sector or have been In the scene for quite a number of years to date, there's very little doubt that the preferred gateways to perform your attacks Is via a phone call, SEing companies online or simply using live chat. Depending on the entity you're social engineering at the time, each of these methods are equally effective when formulated and executed accordingly. Whilst these are commonly used at the time of this article, there's an old-school methodology that has an even better success rate, named the "Discount Items method".

It may not be used as often as It was back In the 80s and 90s, but I can assure you that It's still out there and going by personal experience, the likelihood of a successful outcome, Is greater than 95%!  That Is, over 95 of 100 people will be SEd by the "Discount Items Method". I will be referring to this from a "defensive and offense" standpoint. If you wish to adopt an offensive approach, then you're the SE'er. In terms of defense, this will help you from falling victim. So what exactly Is the "Discount Items method?". Let's have a look now.

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