SE'ing With A USB Stick


Physically SE Personal Information With A USB Stick.

When social engineering In person with the objective of obtaining personal Information, by having physical access to the entity In question, It can be somewhat more difficult as opposed to (for example) generating emails back and forth. The latter (emails), gives you ample time to prepare yourself and reply at your convenience, whereas the former requires Immediate action, which Is prone to error.

That being said and on the grounds that you want to grab every bit of detail about a particular company and Its workers, the process can be achieved with hardly any effort on your part, by simply "using a USB Stick to do the job for you". Social engineers use this method quite often, when they can "access the company In person". No doubt you're wondering how this Is done, but prior to going Into the method, let's first have a look at the USB Stick that you'll be using.

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