SE'ing Using Dry Ice

How To Use Dry Ice When Boxing A Company.

When social engineering an online retailer for a refund or replacement of an Item that you've either already purchased, or only have Its serial number that's still under warranty, there are quite a number of methods that you can utilize. For example, In terms of an Item you have on hand, you can use a universal method that's suited to just about any company  named the "wrong Item received". As Its name Implies, you claim that you've received something that's completely different to what you've ordered. For the most part, the company will ask to return It, and you then send a "stock Item" that Is "part of their Inventory" and significantly cheaper. The rep will scan It, see that It belongs to them and Issue a refund or replacement thereafter. Pretty cool, yes? I think so too.

But what If you're using the "Serial Number method", and obviously don't have the Item to begin with? In other words, you've obtained a serial number from (for example) someone on eBay for a product that's still covered by warranty, and will SE a given company for a refund. Evidently, you cannot return something that you don't have. Well, that's when you use "dry Ice" to "substitute the Item". Of course, even If you have It, you can still use dry Ice by sending that Instead of the Item. This Is based on the grounds that the Item Is too heavy to (seemingly) send on Its own. So what exactly Is "dry Ice?". Let's check It out now.

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