SE'ing The Carrier Driver

Social Engineer The Driver To Not Accept A Signature.

The human mind Is a very powerful tool that can be used to achieve just about anything It's focused on doing from an offensive standpoint, but every strength has Its weakness and much to the delight of SE'ers, It's the weakest link In the security chain. Anyone In any capacity can fall victim to social engineering, be It one of the country's leading psychiatrists or the likes of the elite SE'er named Kevin Mitnick- they're all exploitable to some degree, regardless of their level of experience In the social engineering sector. Let's face It, It's just not possible to maintain the same consistency of awareness, hence all It takes Is a momentary lapse of concentration, and Mr Mitnick will be at a loss as to how he was fooled Into clicking on a malicious link In his email message.

Given this can happen to the most knowledgeable people In the SEing scene, manipulating those who're just average workers In the transport/freight Industry, such as "carrier drivers", can be done with Incredible ease. If you haven't already guessed, what I'm referring to Is employees who work for FedEx, DHL, Royal Mail, DPD, UPS and so forth and provide a delivery service for companies like Amazon, John Lewis, Argos etc. In my experience In the SEing community, users predominantly discuss ways to SE companies, with very little communication pertaining to their carriers and that's what prompted me to write this article, namely "how to social engineer the driver to not accept a signature".

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