Perform A Practice Run


Perform A Practice Run Prior To The Real SE.

In terms of social engineering companies on any level with the Intention of obtaining a refund or replacement for a given Item, you need to know exactly what you're up against for the best chance of a successful outcome. If you perform a "blind SE" without any prior knowledge of the company's terms and conditions, namely the grounds on which they actually approve claims, then your SE Is destined to fail. As a result, I always recommend to thoroughly "research their return, refund and replacement policy" before formulating and executing your attack. 

This way, you know what you're dealing with and what to expect throughout the entire claims process. However due to the Inevitable changes of company protocol, sometimes your research will fail to get the Information you're after, no matter how much time you've spent gathering the company's details. In such cases, It will have a significant negative Impact on your SE as a whole. So what else can you do to Increase the likelihood of success? Simply perform what I like to call a "practice run". This Is extremely effective In helping to Identify how the company operates from a claims management standpoint, so let's see precisely what this means.

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