Perform Background Checks


Perform Background Checks Prior To Employing Anyone.

As your company expands over the years, the need for change Is Inevitable and a part of this equation, Is to employ extra staff to handle and manage your daily workload. Whilst It's pretty much standard practice to first sift through ex-amount of applicants (namely their CV/Resumes), prior to selecting the most suitable person for the job, how many times have you actually cross-checked "every possible detail" of a potential employee?  I'd say It's safe to assume that your answer Is zero.

Sure, you have their Resume at your disposal and after reading Its entire contents, you may be well and truly satisfied, but how do you know for sure that what you've just read Is In fact true and correct?  You don't, and never will when taken at face value. Let me tell you that elite social engineers, are very good at manipulating and convincing anyone Into believing their side of the story!  An SE'er could be employed at your company right this minute, with access to confidential Information and user credentials without raising any suspicion whatsoever. As such, "background checks" also known as "pre-employment screening", Is of the utmost Importance during the recruitment process.

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